Saturday, February 4, 2012

29 Day Challenge: Day 4

Oh, I thought I was in a BIG jam for today's challenge: Clouds.

It had been overcast all day ... and not the pretty overcast. The kind of overcast when the whole sky was GRAY. And just Gray. Not a definition of cloud anywhere, just gray. Plus, I had been busy baking all day in prep for Super Bowl Sunday! (Pics to come soon)

So I peeked my head out the window real quick and noticed the moon peaking through the clouds and literally ran for my camera and tripod and looking completely ridiculous, I laid on my back and started snapping. I guess I could have called my husband out to take of picture of me taking a picture ... but I looked pretty ridiculous. :-)

Any who, here's my photo! Did you guys have any luck getting your cloud shots?

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