Sunday, September 25, 2016

Last Deployment | Military Homecoming | Fort Bliss, TX Photographer

I was so happy when she contacted me for a last minute homecoming. Her original photographer had to cancel and she was is a slight panic trying to find someone. I, of course, was jumped at the opportunity to do my first military homecoming here at Fort Bliss.

She isn't from here either, so she wasn't too much in the loop of location or what not. Me, being new here and never doing a homecoming here, starting asking around trying to find this place that she was eventually told to go to. The problem? The name she was given isn't what everyone on post calls it! LOL Yeah, I was panicking! How was I to find a location if know one knew of the location!

Long story short, I was 99.9% sure of the location once asking my husband to ask around and asking a fellow photographer here who was also meeting her husband the same day. I waited for my client to meet me at the gate but I got a phone call saying she was here ... but she wasn't! LOL She too had no clue how to get around post, luckily, I did know where she was and I rushed to get her. After the giggles and shaking of our heads, we made it to the location with plenty of time to spare!

As we waited, she told me this was going to be their last deployment and I couldn't be any happier for them! No more being separated from each other. They have only been together for a few months or so of their marriage. So needless to say, she was happy to have this finally welcome home ceremony photographed!

 Sigh, the sweet sweet feeling of having him in your arms again. Isn't it just one of the best feelings in the world? I love the feeling and I love photographing that first hug and kiss! <3

 I think the below picture is where she said something to affect, "I hired a photographer, she's-" And he interrupted, "The one with the camera?" ;) LOL I love it.

I'm am so happy to have the first homecoming session here at Bliss under my belt. I cannot wait to do more! The lighting in this building is much better than Fort Bragg! haha! ;)

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Friday, September 16, 2016

Outran the Rain | Family | El Paso, TX Photographer

We squeezed in  quick family session for this beautiful family because they are going to be separated for a little while. We were worried about weather because every day leading up to their session, it rained around the time their session would be.

With rain clouds threatening the skies, we made a race to the desert to squeeze in this session. We didn't have the weather on our side, nor time, so why not add two toddler twins. ;) No, but seriously, they made me work for it but they're the sweetest twins! <3

 You see the below image? Where to the right theres a burst of "sunlight?" Well, that's rain ... not sunlight. I mean, there is sunlight obviously... but I had to keep cropping out or moving the family so that those ugly rain clouds wouldn't get in the pictures!

 BUT! The lighting was simply fantastic. I mean WOW! The rain in the background actually provided great diffusion of light and epic skies! I wish this family luck and hope to work with them soon!

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Monday, September 5, 2016

Cactus Princess | Child | El Paso, TX Photographer

I asked for a child model to try out a concept in my mind that would fit a size 5 dress. This little girl's mother contacted me and told me her daughter would be perfect. And boy was she right!

 She said her little girl would start out shy but would warm up quickly. Her little girl showed her differently. LOL She was talkative and worked hard for me. She was FANTASTIC!

Those boot tho! <3

I made the crown outta sage and purple flowers. <3 It looked fabulous! Dress is: Bonnie Jean.

 I mean, hello?! How stinking gorgeous right?!

I asked for a little girl between 4-6 years old, I got a four year old who is full of spunk and curiosity. I got a a four year old who is well behaved and full of spirit. I had a blast, and I sure hope she did too! Because she rocked these images and I couldn't have asked for a better model to show off this dress!

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Desert Girls | Model | El Paso, TX Photographer

Okay folks, lemme tell y'all something. These girls. I mean, THESE girls are super awesome, gorgeous, fun, and freaking adorable!

I have been watching them grow up in front of my lens since they were babies. I'm serious. The eldest is just about the same age as my eldest and their dad used to be my boss and mentor when it came to photography (still is BTW). He is also a great role model for any young, up and coming leader in today's society.

Then there is their mother. A gorgeous, creative, smart and goal-driven woman who knows what she wants and gets after it. She also knows the strengths of others (even when they don't see it in themselves) and helps them achieve their own goals. I'm telling ya, these girls have fantastic parents to look up to. I wouldn't be surprised to see these girls succeed in whatever they put their minds too. I mean face it, their mom and dad have pretty much did any and everything while finally figuring out what they wanted to contribute to today's society. (though, I'm pretty sure once they succeed or tire of that, they'll move onto another challenge! I just know it)

But when I found out they too were moving to El Paso the same time frame as I was, I was completely over the moon. Not only would I know at least ONE other family here in El Paso, I would be able to see these girls grow up! (and the fact that I get to photograph them again, I mean BONUS!)

I mean come on?! Look at them! They literally just had to LOOK at my camera and make my photographer heart swoon! They (and their momma) definitely took my simple theme and WORKED IT!

The two above pictures make me giggle. Why? Because they are each wearing something they didn't want to but the crazy photographer wanted to just "try it out and see how it goes." LOL The eldest looked at me strange when I tied the scarf around her head. <3 Uh, but look how good she looks?! Then the littlest did NOT want to wear the tassel necklace ... LOL ... like nope. haha! But she looks fantastic and rocked it!

I made the "dreamcatchers" that hung in the bushes behind them as well as the flower crowns and the leather headband. I brought the vests (minus the fur one), everything else was their momma's eye and the help of their own style. I mean, I couldn't have dreamt this session going any better! <3

Above we tried the whole "wind blown look." But of course when we tried it, the wind was no where to be found! haha! So little sister held out the scarf for big sister and viola!

One request momma did have was to get some sisterly images for her. And I hope I did just that. These two may bicker with one another like all siblings do but the love they share for one another shows in each of their sister portraits! <3 Thank you for being creative with me!

Cross Stitch loom, thread, ribbon, feathers, leather
Wire, fake flowers and garnish, glue gun, leather

Thanks to momma for taking some behind the scenes images that were flattering to me too! ;)

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