Thursday, June 30, 2016

A Rosey Engagement | Couple | Fayetteville, NC Photographer

 I have been photographing Morgan for a while as she has modeled for me and my photography buddies. But when she asked me to photograph her engagement session, I absolutely said YES! LOL Especially since was adding Bane. The dog that is. ;)

You might remember Bane from this POST. LOL he was so little bitty but already full of personality. Well, he did fantastic for this session with his momma and papa! He put up with my shenanigans and everything. 

 Oh, course the couple did fantastic as well! You can obviously see the love they share for one another in each image.

The balloons were her request and I of course was like, "Um yeah, of course." LOL They added a pop of color that looked awesome with the sun flare and the roses.

Can anyone say, "Awwwwwww!?"

Look at Bane here. He looks so proud and regal. LOL He is a handsome guy.

 Congratulations to the both of you (three if you count Bane) ;)! I look forward seeing what y'alls future holds and if you're still looking for a wedding photographer .... I know one that travels. ;)

Special thanks to her brother and friend for helping out with Bane and the balloons!! 
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