Thursday, October 1, 2020

Fall for Yoga | Cameron, NC Photographer

I love photographing my girl, Chrissy. She's an amazing person who's always there for me and oh yeah, she teaches YOGA! Visit her facebook site HERE to see where she's teaching next. 

She challenges you and takes into account what your body needs during your session. she's funny and has a bomb ass yoga soundtrack that, I can guarantee, you won't hear at any other yoga session. My fave track? When she plays the "Guardians of the Galaxy" 80's playlist! 

How amazing are the colors here in the woods? I mean, hello?! Fall has finally arrived (and the temperature is finally showing Fall as well!) - Though you can't tell 'cause she's in a tank. But alas, I'll let you in on a little photoshoot secret, she warmed up in between shots! ;)


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