Saturday, August 26, 2017

Succulent Wreath | Boutique & Marketing | El Paso, TX Photographer

 I wanted to introduce y'all to a good (and very talented) friend. Jessica, with Knits & Wreaths, made this beautiful succulent wreath for me and I just had to show it off!

Since moving to our knew home/office, I've been wanting to make the front entrance welcoming. I have this new found obsession with succulents and wanted to incorporate that into the entrance way. (Along with my Americana obsession.) When Jessica made this and sent a picture, I knew it was going to be PERFECT. 

 And uh, hello?! Look at my front door! How much fun is that?!?!

On a tad personal and bragging moment for me ... I repurposed  and old chair that had been sitting around as a "prop" for the entrance way. I also took four $1 flower pots from the Dollar Tree and made them AWESOME.

Just a little bit of hot glue, left over silver spray paint, river pebbles left over from my wedding 14 years ago, fun leftover corn husk ribbons and clearance succulents from Walmart and my entrance is fantastic! I also made my first wire "welcome" plant decor with leftover wire I have. I guess having a craft obsession that leaves lots of leftovers actually helps out with you're a DIYer.

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Tee Up | Senior | El Paso, TX Photographer

Was super excited when this senior's momma mentioned that he was a golfer and wanted to incorporate his sport into his senior portraits. We got the okay to photograph at Underwood Golf Course and I'm so glad we did! Such a pretty landscape ... and of course, the greens are phenomenal. 

They even let us borrow a gold cart! How fun right?!

 And when momma says she wants a pic with her baby, we take a portrait with her baby!

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Young Talent | Model | El Paso, TX Photography

This young lady volunteered to help me out on a boutique photo session. I was so impressed with her, that I wanted to take a few more minutes after our boutique session ended to just photograph her being her. And wow! What a beauty. For only being 13 years old, she's definitely got the talent and drive to go places. (You can't even tell her sinuses were KILLING her during this session) :)