Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Sweet Return | Military Homecoming | Fort Bliss, TX Photographer

Can  I just take a second to say this family was absolutely the sweetest. It's so funny how fast you become friends with homecoming clients. Homecomings are so emotionally charged, even if you've met the client/photographer face-to-face, we communicate so much prior to the actual date (with multiple changes to day and time ALWAYS), that we practically have known each other for YEARS when we finally meet in person! LOL

Even the Soldier's mom and dad made it out from NC to visit AND welcome him home! <3

This little man was such a trooper. With time changes throughout the day, he was ready for daddy's return (even if he wasn't exactly sure why momma kept applying makeup and lipstick). ;)

When his plane landed his Dad said, "Can you believe it? He's finally home." He was so excited and proud and filled with overwhelming joy.

When the guys finally started coming off the plane, the crowd was hushed trying to find their soldier in the line of camouflage.

 Then Dad saw him and waved. He turned around and exclaimed, "I can't believe I just spotted him!" High fives galore ...

 And then the emotions came. Her love and their baby was home safe and sound.

Little man was getting hangry outside, but once mom and him came inside to feed ... he was all smiles and ready to see daddy!!

 Then they were finally announced and marched in. The crowd went crazy

He is finally home! <3

 Little man was sooo happy! (as well as wife, mom, and dad!) Welcome home Soldier!

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Desert Farewell | Family | El Paso, TX Photographer

I was so excited when this family hired me to photograph their family before daddy left on a business trip! They were so much fun! The boys were full of energy and spunk and Mom and Dad were silly and in love. I had a blast!

This is what happens when you tell brothers to love each other. haha! They were so cute and silly!

Of course we had to get pictures alone with daddy for everyone! <3

 These boys. <3 So much fun. I mean, that's all I can really say! I was left tired, but in a fabulous mood. I had to mediate with a stick in my back pocket, I had to make silly noises and talk about monkey cheese, and all other silly boy stuff. But oh, they melted my heart!

See? This sums up the hike/photo session! SO MUCH FUN!

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

The Last Deployment | Military Homecoming | El Paso, TX Photographer

 It's taken me a while to blog this military homecoming due to personal and other busy work, BUT this homecoming was definitely one for the books! This was a family with older children, normally my families have younger children. But what I loved about this one is that older son and his wife flew out to welcome home dad from his final deployment. Oh, and also? Dad is retiring soon too! So this was definitely a homecoming to remember!

 Mom was so excited that she could watch Dad's flight approach El Paso. I had never witnessed this before and I thought it was soon cool!

 When his flight landed and approached the gate, all hearts were a flutter and eyes began to water.

They kept watching the escalator, hoping they'd see boots coming down.

 Then there he was!!

 Hugs, kisses, and more hugs. What a wonderful homecoming!

 Welcome home and good luck in whatever your future awaits! Thank you for choosing me to photograph this awesome moment in y'alls lives!