Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Clovers and Ribbons | Packaging | Fayetteville, N.C. Photographer

I haven't shared with y'all my packaging ... unless of course you've hired me and ordered prints! ;-)

As some of you know, it took me a little bit to figure out my new look for SWP. You can see my experience HERE on the blog. I also had a huge branding pin on Pinterest, which you can see HERE. Even now, you can see my business cards changed again ... and probably will again.

So, naturally, I spent a while trying to figure out how I wanted to present my business and my prints to you very special people. It took me forever to find three leafed clovers ... I mean FOREVER. Everyone sells four leafed ... but no, I wanted three. Also, finding the right teal for my ribbon was difficult too ... but Hobby Lobby came through for me. Also, I ordered these fabulous grey print folders from HB Photo. OMG. I love them. gorgeous packaging, awesome customer service, and fabulous add-ons.

Then for my CDs ... have to go with a custom cover and then follow on my branding! <3 You don't know how many times I actually tied that ribbon to make it look good. ;-)

Then of course, for my wedding clients. A CD just isn't large enough to hold all those precious moments. So, a thumb drive is what you'll get! I'm going to be adding a custom photo box for your thumb drive as well ... I just need to order it and add to this post.

And there you have it, my packaging. I'm not going to lie, I dig it. But I may be changing things up next year ... but not too much. I need to find another vendor who sells three leafed clovers because my awesome vendor doesn't any more and doesn't plan on restocking. Sigh. But I just want to let y'all know that your business is special to me and I want you to keep wanting SWP to capture your memories. I want everything you get to be customized and make you feel special. Because without you, I don't have a business. :-) Thank you for your following, business, and attention! <3

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Friday, November 8, 2013

A Scottish Dance | Creative | Fayetteville N.C. Photographer

When I was approached for this themed shoot ... I could NOT say no. I was going to make it happen. So with baby in stroller, I pushed him around as I photographed this beautiful creative shoot!

I have to give props to the makeup artist, Madinah. Not that Joy Anna needed the extra help of being BEAUTIFUL, but Madinah did an excellent job.

Let us not forget the very easy going and AWESOME bagpiper, Jackie!! He was a trooper and did I mention awesome?! ;-)

I mean, come on! How cool is this shoot?! It looks like a story book illustration!

Because of this shoot, I want to find an Irish clogger and do something creative with that... y'all know any Irish cloggers?! ;-)

This isn't the first time I worked with Joy Anna, and certainly not the last ... if she'll allow it! She is such a beauty and the camera loves her!! Make sure you check out her Facebook page HERE.

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Monday, November 4, 2013

Pedey's Town | Challenge | Fayetteville, N.C. Photographer

Like an animal lover, my pups pretty much stay with me wherever I go ... unless they hide from the camera like my "old man mutt" does. So, above is a picture of my 2 year-old boxer pup, Pedey. He's a curious one ... and has tons of energy. I guess that's a good thing since we are a pretty energetic family.

Living in Fayetteville, I have noticed a lot of people saying there isn't much to do here ... let me just put this out there — that's a bunch of boloney. Not only does the city offer an abundence of things to do, we are two hours away from the beach, an hour and a half away from the capital, and maybe ... 3-4 hours (maybe it's further away, but seriously) away from the mountains? I mean, we have it all!

Sunrise on Hay Street, Nov 11, 2012

Pedey and his brother, Nibbles, love hanging out around town. Even though they haven't actually attended a stroll down Hay Street (our historic district) many other dogs have and guess what? Many of the outside restaurants allow our fur babies to dine with us! I mean, come on?! how cool is that?!

I could go on and on about the historical pieces of Fayetteville or the fact that we were voted All American City in 2011 ... but I want to talk more about the outdoorsy places of Fayetteville.

Pedey doesn't walk on Hay Street or much around town, but he does LOVE the Cape Fear River Trail! The trail is a paved, 4 mile walk through beautiful LEAVED trees. And I know all you NC people are like, "leaved? all we have are pine trees!" But I'm here to tell you, we do have leaved trees here! :-)

The pups love it on the trail. Sometimes we even see deer ... but mostly squirrels that catch their attention.. Especially when the squirrels run on the crunchy, fall leaves.

Not to mention, about 30 minutes outta town we have Raven Rock! What what?! It's a state park and it's GORGEOUS!

Raven Rock has all sorts of trails to hike through ... best part the trail to the river!

This was Pedey's first trek to Raven Rock. Look how little he is!
A new state park has just been opened as well, Carver's Creek. The dog's haven't been there yet, but I have and it's another gorgeous place to hike and enjoy some fishing. My point is, there's a ton of stuff to do here besides spending money at the shopping malls or wasting away time in front of the TV. I honestly believe that Fayetteville caters to the huge military population here. I mean, I don't think Fayetteville would survive if it wasn't for Fort Bragg -- which has many walking trails as well ... like the Mata Mile and the All American Trail

But I do understand that you can't bring your fur-babies every where. Being in a military town, we have to travel (usually long distances) to visit family. That's why is an awesome resource to find caring and loving people/families to watch your animals while you're gone. That's the last thing you want to worry about ... how you're animals are doing while you're gone. (And it's just a lil' bit more than just kenneling your dogs. They actually get to live with another family for a while or get to stay in their own place while an awesome person checks in on them from time to time) There are a ton of people willing to love, care and baby your animals in Fayetteville. Just check out THIS LINK!

Also, if you like to spoil your pup ... why not give them an awesome treat every month? I started receiving the BarkBox for my pups and they just love it!! They get new (and healthy) treats made just for them every month as well as new toys and accessories! Best part? Not only are you spoiling your pups, you're also helping out pups in need with 10% of your monthly payment going directly to rescue shelters! You can receive $5 off if you use THIS LINK.

And of course, a shameless shout out to my business, Sharilyn Wells Photography, LLC. Don't forget to schedule photo sessions for or with your animals! They, like humans sadly, won't be around long and you should document their lives. I have professional images of my first pup who passed away a couple years ago, and I cherish the heck out of them! I have a cat that I should have done professional pics of ... but never did and sadly, now he too has passed. So, don't live in regret. Book your pet session today! I would love to capture your animal's life and hey, why not jump into the photos as well?! It's a blast! Just ask my son and Pedey!

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