Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Getting Creative | Concept Shoot | Fayetteville, N.C. Photographer

So … Summer time usually means slower family shoots and what not because y'all are spending time with your families on vacation and just enjoying each other! Perfect! That's what y'all SHOULD be doing! I also get to spend time with my family, but it also means I don't do too many sessions.

Thankfully, I have awesome photographer friends who come up with amazing concept shoots and invite me along! So here are a few of them thus far. I mean, I wouldn't have come up with this gorgeousness on my own in a million years! haha!

First up is the lovely Patricia modeling an awesome dress that William from Darkroom Portraits made.

Will also came up with this concept… Again, I would have never thought this up and it pushed my creativity level to the max and look at the RESULTS!?

 The beautiful Nikki worked with us during this shoot! She was an awesome muse.

Then there was this concept. A flaming flower. LOL I'm telling you. I'm around REALLY creative people!! I believe this was Tysha from Tysha Hallman Photos idea. 

These girls were fun and BRAVE. :-)

Featuring Mykayla and Miranda.

And finally, I was invited to a Spooky Mask concept shoot. Gah! It worked my creativeness BIG time. Y'all know my style … light and fluffy! haha! Well, with Rico from Rico Allende Photography, there is no light and fluffy. It's dark and creepy! ;-) I also love his lighting techniques, so I learned a lot. But of course my favorite pictures were with my style to them and a little Photoshop magic! ;-)

The gorgeous, Breena was up for anything. Including jumping and climb on top of stuff! 
Make up done by: Maria

And then, just for fun. A little Before and After for you!

 Be prepared to see more creative concept shoots coming up!! :-) I soooo enjoy these challenges! And hope y'all are enjoying your Summers!

***A little something to add: Due to recent events, if you're a model and looking to shoot with me, we need to go over certain stipulations prior to the shoot. I do not like having to figure out last minute, as in 20 mins till shoot time, that I need to find a new model because you canceled. 

If you contact me, I will assume that you've been following or at least looked at my work. I am a legit photographer and take my job seriously. I do not get paid for creative model shoots, nor do I pay for models to shoot creatively with me. I do however, put lots of money and time into coming up with these concept shoots (as well as my fellow photographers). We do not appreciate cancelations 20 mins till shoot time because we will not allow husbands or family members to watch. 

We have had children and spouses join us, but we had already discussed these stipulations prior to the day of shoot. We choose locations depending on theme as well as safety. I bring my children along, y'all know that. Even if we are going into the middle of nowhere, my children are either on my back or very close to me. You are safe. We are not going to intentionally harm you. 

As stated before, we do understand that sometimes spouses (or parents if model under 18) don't feel comfortable having you shoot with us alone. That is fine and understandable. But you cannot come to me 2 hours before shoot and nonchalantly ask for them to tag along. We are professionals and if you are too, you will give us prior notice if you have any stipulations of shooting with me/us. You wouldn't bring this up last minute to a Victoria Secrets photographer 2 hours before, so don't do that to us. 

So basically what I'm saying is … if you have stipulations on shooting with me, please be courteous enough to give me fair warning to see if it's workable for me and other photographers. Sometimes we don't want anyone else around because face it … are you REALLY going to give me the face I want if your mother-in-law is standing 5 feet away? Any way. Thank you for looking at my work and I do look forward to working with any of you beautiful (and handsome) models! :-)

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Monday, July 14, 2014

Maleficent | Concept Shoot | Fayetteville, N.C.Photographer

So a few weeks back … I had this idea. I wanted to recreate Maleficent and Sleeping Beauty. Well, and the new movie Maleficent, was coming out and I was REALLY excited. So I go some of my favorite models, photogs and makeup artist/hair stylist
together and came up with this fabulous concept!

With a little YouTube and some creative thinking … I was able to make her headpiece and then we were off! 

Lauren and Aslin did a great job on the makeup and hair for the models. You can follow more of their work by clicking their names above.

And of course my lovely models! Aurora played by Morgan, Prince Phillip by Gage and Maleficent by Joy.

Haymount United Methodist Church kindly let us use their PHENOMENAL grounds for this shoot. and I couldn't have asked for a better setting! GORGEOUS.

I mean, come on?! How awesome are these guys?!

 Simply awesome. Thank you to the models and other photographers who helped make this fantastic! And of course MUAHs! And Joy's mother and father in putting together Maleficent's outfit! OH! And How awesome did Gage do on his outfit?! He made it himself! Freaking awesome!

And here's a lil' before and after fun for y'all!

 *** Please remember that all images are copyrighted to Sharilyn Wells Photography, LLC. Please do not copy or alter any images without SWP, LLC consent. ***

Friday, July 11, 2014

Sibling Glow | Children | Fayetteville, N.C. Photographer

These two are the children of close friends of mine. We have been planning a session for what seems like years now, and we finally we able to do it! (after one day of weather reschedule) And I'm sooo happy they chose me as their photographer! Look at how gorgeous these memories came out! 

(ten extra points to anyone who can tell me what this pink tree is behind them!)

I mean really, they couldn't have made my job any easier. A handsome fella, a gorgeous gal … come on?! :-)

And they were so much fun! Big sister absolutely loves her little brother and it showed not only in person, but in their portraits as well.

 Oh did I mention they are hardcore athletes?! So of course, we had to incorporate their sports into their images. The hard part was making them not look like sports pictures. With the help of their ideas and a lil' creative flair from me, I think we did fabulous.

 Oh and then there's this light … I mean … HELLO GORGEOUS?! ;-)

*** Please remember that all images are copyrighted to Sharilyn Wells Photography, LLC. Please do not copy or alter any images without SWP, LLC consent. *** 

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Moment of Return | Military Homecoming | Fort Bragg, N.C. Photographer

You know that feeling you get when you see that Blue Bird turn the corner? I mean … THAT feeling. the feeling of anxiousness, excitement, relief … pure joy and love? It was felt in this family's homecoming for sure! My heart was thumping. I felt like it was my family member coming home!

 Big brother kept Gramma busy while he waited on daddy's return. He sorta understood what was going on. He knew Dad was coming home, but I think he realized he was actually coming home.

Until mom grabbed his hand and they searched the Soldiers' faces as they came off the bus one by one until … There was daddy!

Mommy went in for the kiss … While baby brother hung out.

Then it was time for him to hug daddy … and tell him he needed to shave ;-)

It took a few minutes for baby brother to recognize daddy, but after some pizza and relaxing. The family was finally complete and comfortable with one another! Welcome home!

For more information on how to book a Military Homecoming, click HERE.

If you're looking for more information or to book your session today, please email me at sharilynwellsphotography@gmail.com .

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