Sunday, March 5, 2017

Adventurous Couple in Love | Couple | El Paso, TX Photographer

 This sweet couple won my Valentine's Dady special I ran and I'm so excited that they did because we went adventuring! They are super outdoorsy and when they said they'd be up for a hike, MAN, I was all over it!!! <3

Not only did we get great images for them, we got a mini workout climbing up and down the rocks. The scenery here in El Paso is to DIE FOR! I mean, people say that this place is for the birds and lovingly call it "Hell Paso." Guys, besides the crazy wind that you have to battle every now and again (and during this session) the scenery is amazing and an outdoorsy person's place to be!

I've mentioned before that I love in-between shots. Sometimes I tell y'all that i'm testing my lighting ... and more than likely I am, but the shots I get while "testing" are some of my favs! <3 the image on the right they were just chatting. About what? I dunno, but it's one of my favorite pictures from the session.

 See that wind?! LOL They were troopers. Thru the wind, through the hiking, thru the giggles -- they rocked their session and I hope they had as much fun as I did!

Thank you again to Somarie at Perfectly Posh, Melinda at LuLaRoe With Lanier Creations, and Chrissy's Creative Creations for also donating their fantastic goods to this giveaway!!!