Thursday, January 27, 2011

Ice, Ice and More Ice

Our "little, big town" got hit with a winter storm earlier this month.  The whole city pretty much came to a standstill.  The military post was shut down, schools were closed, and stores were dark.  The roads were slippery, filled with mooshed snow and ice. It was great to hang out with the family, but by day two … we had to get out of the house! Here are a few photos of the ice … and the family playing in the snow and sledding on boogie boards!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Where the Antelope Play

For the holidays I headed home to Wyoming to visit with family.  While there, we stayed on F.E. Warren Air Force Base — a beautiful base with open fields, old brick buildings, and ghost stories galore! They also have herds and herds of antelope that roam free and are protected by the military.  The family and I went on a drive to "shoot" some of the herds — my kind of hunting.  

The antelope must have been trying to put on weight, because all they did was eat!

Cute little baby with holiday decorations behind him

This little guy had a mohawk!

Then he stuck his tongue out at me!

Just precious!

The Wyoming plains