Saturday, October 20, 2018

Sunlit Floral Headshots | Professional Headshot | Fayetteville, NC Photographer

I love headshot sessions. I'm not your traditional studio headshot kinda gal. I enjoy learning about the buisness owner and letting the real them shine thru during their session - just like any other session I photograph. Professional headshots are the first thing your client sees - and ultimately judges you and your business by. Why not have them unique and truly YOU.

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Sunday, October 7, 2018

Full of Love | Wedding | Salt Lake City, UT Photographer

Guys, this blog is just now going only my webs in April 2019 - but it's going to be backdated to October 7th, 2018 because these two got married on that date. It's taken me so long to write this long-overdue post for them. But to be honest, I was sorta dreading. Why? Oh, they were a fantastic couple that made me and my photography partner (Tysha Hallman Photo) feel like part of the family.

They were sweet, funny, caring and oh so much fun. So then why, Shari, were you dreading this blog post? Well - you see. These two have been waiting for so long to get married and so much that they've had lots of time to think about all the details. Guys - there's SO MANY DETAILS these two brides came up with for their wedding. Dude ... just see. This is going to be one of the longest wedding blog posts I've done because I couldn't pick just a few images ... like seriously. 

So - enjoy!! 

Heather and Allie truly made their wedding a little get-away for not only their guests, but their photographers too! The bachelorette parties were a blast and fit their personalities to a tee. And guess what, Tysha and I were there with both groups to enjoy it too!

Confession - I've never photographed a same-sex couple, let alone a wedding. Couples just didn't seem to come to me for their portraits, so when Heather and Allie asked me the first time. I was like, "Sure." Not thinking they'd actually hire me and when they came back to me after discussing details and said they wanted to hire me - I was full of so many emotions. I was excited, I mean, hello?! Booked clients, it's a wedding AND it's in UTAH! But I was also oh so nervous! Why? Because I had no clue what to expect.

The flew me out in April for their engagement session ... HERE ... guys, they hosted me. They catered to me. And they were just as awesome as when the first time I met them at a mutual friend's wedding. They were naturals in front of the camera. I didn't have to coach them and I could tell their love was the real deal. We even prepped their adorable save the dates while I visited them in Utah. I was extremely excited to photograph their wedding in just a few months after.

Let me tell you, these are only just a few of the details Tysha and I photographed. Allie put so much thought into the jewelry SHE HANDMADE for herself, her partner, and her bridal party.

Did you see that above?


(PS - that cufflink, it's a succulent and the middle part that goes thru the shirt also has a cutout of a mountain. Guys, if I shared everything you'd be staring at this post for years!! LOL)

Their theme along the way was bees, honeycomb, mountains, succulents .... gosh it was SO beautiful. Wait till you see more!

 After their own emotional first look, Allie and her papa has a first look ... guys. I ALMOST cried. The emotion shared on their wedding - the entire weekend, was on high. The good kind of emotion. the families have been bonded forever with Heather and Allie's love.

The mountains of Salt Lake City were in full Fall fabulousness. The sky was overcast - and we were a tad nervous about the weather ... but wow. Utah did not disappoint with breathtaking, beautiful backdrops.

And never fear, the couple's fur babies were pretty much the highlight of the wedding, the wedding party, and of course, the portraits!!

 And a flower-man for the ceremony was the perfect touch!

How gorgeous is this venue?! Cactus & Tropicals is a nursery that you can host events in. All the flowers/plants you can imagine. Beautiful decor. And an ambiance to die for!

Now let's party!

More and more details, y'all. I mean, I seriously photographed hundreds of images and with Tysha's images we have around 3000 images to cull through!

Cake by: Ami Cakes

DJ: Cashway Entertainment          Caterer: Angela's Catering           Bartender: Cheers and Swizzles

Yes, I will take pics with your fur baby if you let them have just as much at your wedding as you are having!!

 And if a conga line forms ... you betcha, I'll be there joining right in!!

 This wedding was beautiful. The couple was amazing. Their bridal party and family were fantastic. The locations and the details ... gosh, I mean stunning. I love seeing how each couples' wedding I photograph is so different and yet so alike. I have been truly blessed to have photographed some amazing couples and been welcomed by all their friends and family.

Tysha and I would love to photograph your wedding! AND WE LOVE TO TRAVEL! Contact me today for more details!

*** Please remember that all images are copyrighted to Sharilyn Wells Photography, LLC. Please do not copy or alter any images without SWP, LLC consent. ***