Sunday, September 2, 2018

It's Not Just Puppy Love | Engagement | Salt Lake City, Utah Photographer

Heather and Allie are freaking meant for each other. I am sooooo happy they choose me to be their photographer - even though they live in Utah and I'm in Texas! <3 I flew out to them to photograph their adorable engagement photos with their fur babies. I had soooo much fun.

Unlike they silly and fun loving pups, Heather and Allie needed no prompting for poses. The love they share was all they needed to make magic in front of my camera. At the dog park AND at these amazing Salt Lake Flats! Gah!!! I mean come on!!!

It was windy and it was cold for the salt flats, but they were troopers and the photographs I got of them were PERFECT. The storm clouds really made the portrait ... but I mean, Allie's smile warmed us all up and Heather's laugh made the cold seem to disappear while we were out there.

Guys, I will travel anywhere for you. I pride myself in being available for any client that wants me to capture their memories. Please contact me today to book you session abroad! 

Stay tuned for Heather and Allie's Wedding pictures!!! <3 <3 <3

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