Monday, April 27, 2015

Waiting on Daddy | Military Homecoming | Fort Bragg, NC Photographer

Had the pleasure of photographing this family's reunion a few days ago. The boys were super excited for daddy's return ... too bad the Army's "hurry up and wait" motto rang all too well for this family. Two hours later ... Daddy was home and in their arms.

In the meantime though, they did what boys do. They played video games, chased each other, ate snacks and jumped around.

Finally the plane arrived and for what seemed like forever, the formation of soldiers marched into the hanger!

The boys could hardly contain their excitement as the National Anthem played and the commander spoke. But luckily, the commander took pity on the family members waiting and only said a few short sentences before releasing the soldiers to their loved ones.

And here he was! Mommy pointed him out in the crowd!

Big brother couldn't hold back his emotions. He was so happy that daddy was home that he may have teared up a little ... I mean, it was probably his allergies. ;)

His brother-in-law and niece and nephew were able to be at the reunion too. But they held back as the boys and momma got all their hugs and kisses outta the way.

 The hard part is always the fact that the soldiers only get about 15 minutes with their families before they yet again have to form up and get on buses to turn in equipment and gear. Adults and older children understand, the young ones? Not so much. Little man was a tad worried that daddy was leaving again. "Daddy, you're not coming home with us?" He asked.

Daddy leaned in and said, "Of course I am. I just need to do a little more work and then we can go home together."

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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Big Puppy Love | Pet | Hope Mills, NC Photographer

So these cuties ... I mean, come on!? Look at those faces! They sure were a handful to photograph but they rocked it and I'm so happy they all were able to find loving homes!

Contrary to that black one's ears ... we were having fun. LOL She is so stink in' cute.

This fella was ready for his close up. We propped him in there, he jumped up, I snapped the shot, he ran outta the basket and kissed his modeling days goodbye. LOL

A special thank you to my assistant that day. She was sitting next to the pups the entire time, catching them as their paws slipped off stools or chairs, chasing them down the hallway when the escaped and feeding them treats for a job well done. This litter of pups were definitely keepers!

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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Flower Child | Senior | Fayetteville, NC Photographer

I always enjoy photographing Joy. She just knows what to do and puts up with our little group of photographers' playful bickering and teasing. This shoot was super fun because I think we giggled more than what we photographed -- or at least that's what I did. (I also had both of my boys with me so it was quite the task at hand, especially since my eldest wanted to keep photobombing the portraits. Where's a rope when I need one?) ;) -- I kid ... 

The shots above both have a story behind them. The pedal one: Joy was in the tree when the
wind began to blow and knock the pedals. We all LOVED that so we started shaking the tree to get the effect we wanted. Apparently, our photog friend, Will ( was the better tree shaker and Tysha (Tysha Hallman Photo) and I got the better shots out of it. ;)

The Dandelion picture: Joy kept trying to get the timing right to blow the seeds out but Will was shooting with a film camera and when she tried to do it she blew a seed right into his eye. We were still giggling about it in this picture and I of course snapped the shot. Joy rarely smiles for the camera.

The above image is so freaking cool. Not only did my helio 35mm lens made the background super fantastic, the dandelion seeds make the image come to life. Again, Will was the better seed blower ... lol

I mean come on, who doesn't wanna photograph Joy? She is awesome. Thank you for putting up with our shenanigans! And your momma too (Ms. Marsha has to listen to all our craziness too! haha!)

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Friday, April 10, 2015

Waitin' on Daddy | Military Homecoming | Fort Bragg, N.C. Photographer

 This family was super sweet. I know I say that about all my clients ... I mean, come on, y'all are awesome. But these two ladies were just oh so sweet! Lil' miss was super ready for her daddy to be home! She kept saying, "My Daddy's coming home! He is!"

 After what seemed like forever and when the door finally opened, the long awaited texted rung in. "I'm on the ground." That's all it took for the butterflies in the stomach to flutter. At last, he was home!

Even though he was on the ground, they were taking FOREVER to get OFF the plane. Little one leans over to mom while her adopted uncle held her, "Daddy's home!"

"Yay! Daddy's home!"

And then the began to walk out the back of the plane... and mommy pointed him out. "There's daddy!" That feeling is always an awesome one. No one can really describe it, only, "It's amazing."

 Daddy's girl. <3 Daddy is home. Welcome home.

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Sunday, April 5, 2015

Tornado Warning Love | Wedding | Fayetteville, N.C. Photographer

I was so excited when a college school mate and friend contacted me because she was engaged and looking for a wedding photographer! Chatting with her during her planning phase I just knew this wedding was going to be gorgeous! She and her fiancé were so in love, I could see it in their eyes. And the decor she spoke of and how she described her wedding dress ... oh I just could not wait!

How awesome is this bridal sweet at the Vizcaya Villa?! Talk about pampering and relaxing in style before the calamity of the wedding and reception! 

How awesome is this? Her sister is a makeup artist and hair stylist. How perfect right?!

About this time we got word that we were under a tornado warning ... yeah. You read that right. It was raining and it was windy. The location people were so on it though. They were preparing for the worst, while offering great options for their bride and groom. All so she could still relax, get in her dress and be (sorta) stress free.

I stinking loved her dress she just looked gorgeous! Love that sister and momma helped put the veil on!

Love this picture of nephew and bride looking in the mirror! <3 I'm a sucker for pics like this!

In the grooms suite ... there was another party going on! ;) Guys are always a tad different when getting ready. There's always jokes and quite a few smart remarks. This was a great bunch of guys!

What I also enjoyed about the groomsmen? The best man was the groom's father. And the pastor? The Bride's brother-in-law. I love how everyone got to participate!

There wasn't a dry eye in the bridal suite when daddy saw his daughter for the first time in her dress.

And then ... just before the ceremony ... The bride and groom got to talk to one another and touch each other's hands. They weren't too sure about a first look session, so this was super cute.

He was so good about ensuring she was happy with what was to come with the tornado warning. He waited until the last minute to decide whether or not to move the wedding indoors. And like a miracle, the skies cleared and the wind died down and even though it was a tad soggy, it became a beautiful day for a wedding.

Then the time came for her to come down the isle. She couldn't look at her husband to be down the isle without crying. She didn't want to mess up her mascara ... ;)

And just look at that look face as he sees her coming down the isle. Pure love.

This is when he tried to kiss her before the pastor pronounced them husband and wife! :)

The bride had a little surprise for her groom ... her dress changed into a short party dress!! How fun is that?! He was so super surprised and couldn't stop staring at her legs! <3

 When the bride was telling me about this gold, chevron runner ... she kept going back and forth about it. She absolutely loved it but wasn't sure about the price. She was going to get it and then she wasn't .... then she did! haha! And what a great choice! I absolutely loved it too!

Father daughter dances and mother son dances always get me. I love them and think they are soooo super special. I cannot wait for my own mother son dance!

Oh look! I'm in a picture! ;) That's the awesome part of booking weddings with me. You get TWO PROFESSIONAL photographers to capture your special day. Moment's won't be forgotten with two sets of eyes watching for those special moments to happen!

 It's only taken me about a year and half to post these ... they celebrated their 1st year of marriage this past January. Congratulations again you two and here's to many more years!

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