Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Big Puppy Love | Pet | Hope Mills, NC Photographer

So these cuties ... I mean, come on!? Look at those faces! They sure were a handful to photograph but they rocked it and I'm so happy they all were able to find loving homes!

Contrary to that black one's ears ... we were having fun. LOL She is so stink in' cute.

This fella was ready for his close up. We propped him in there, he jumped up, I snapped the shot, he ran outta the basket and kissed his modeling days goodbye. LOL

A special thank you to my assistant that day. She was sitting next to the pups the entire time, catching them as their paws slipped off stools or chairs, chasing them down the hallway when the escaped and feeding them treats for a job well done. This litter of pups were definitely keepers!

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