Monday, September 5, 2016

Cactus Princess | Child | El Paso, TX Photographer

I asked for a child model to try out a concept in my mind that would fit a size 5 dress. This little girl's mother contacted me and told me her daughter would be perfect. And boy was she right!

 She said her little girl would start out shy but would warm up quickly. Her little girl showed her differently. LOL She was talkative and worked hard for me. She was FANTASTIC!

Those boot tho! <3

I made the crown outta sage and purple flowers. <3 It looked fabulous! Dress is: Bonnie Jean.

 I mean, hello?! How stinking gorgeous right?!

I asked for a little girl between 4-6 years old, I got a four year old who is full of spunk and curiosity. I got a a four year old who is well behaved and full of spirit. I had a blast, and I sure hope she did too! Because she rocked these images and I couldn't have asked for a better model to show off this dress!

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