Friday, September 16, 2016

Outran the Rain | Family | El Paso, TX Photographer

We squeezed in  quick family session for this beautiful family because they are going to be separated for a little while. We were worried about weather because every day leading up to their session, it rained around the time their session would be.

With rain clouds threatening the skies, we made a race to the desert to squeeze in this session. We didn't have the weather on our side, nor time, so why not add two toddler twins. ;) No, but seriously, they made me work for it but they're the sweetest twins! <3

 You see the below image? Where to the right theres a burst of "sunlight?" Well, that's rain ... not sunlight. I mean, there is sunlight obviously... but I had to keep cropping out or moving the family so that those ugly rain clouds wouldn't get in the pictures!

 BUT! The lighting was simply fantastic. I mean WOW! The rain in the background actually provided great diffusion of light and epic skies! I wish this family luck and hope to work with them soon!

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