Sunday, February 26, 2012

30 Day Photo Challenge: Day 25 & 26

Okay! I'm slowly catching up ... I mean, I sorta need to. I only have three more days of February!

Day 25: Favorite Color

It's Green .... can you tell? I love clovers and green and anything Irish. I can NOT wait until March! This was a little teddy bear that my husband and son gave to me last year for St. Patrick's Day. Best Present EVER.

Day 26: Weakness

I was going to take a picture of Oreoes, but then I realized I'd have to actually go take a picture of Oreos. And since they are my weakness, I'd probably buy 50 billion boxes because they're on sale at Walmart — because I have no self control when it comes to Oreos.

Sooooo .... on a trail run today, I almost killed myself on one of these little suckers.

They get me every time. And there's like 50 billion of them everywhere I run! Tweaked ankles and long trail runs don't mix ... and are definitely my weakness.

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