Monday, February 6, 2012

29 Day Challenge: Day 5 & 6

Yup. You guys knew it was bound to happen. I skipped yesterday ... the Super Bowl was all fun and games until the Pats lost and I lost motivation to take a picture of yesterday's challenge. (which was a challenge in itself people, I don't read).

Yesterday's challenge: Books

You see. The only time I read is when it was for school or if it was something I really, really, REALLY found interesting. I know, it's bad. Everyone should enjoy reading. I however, do not. My son LOVES to read, he must have gotten it from his Gramma. Hmmm.... maybe the reading gene skips every generation?

I dunno - but here's yesterday's photo:

I iPhoned it up yesterday ... and today. It was my lazy attempt to keep current on my challenge. Here's todays challenge: Today's breakfast

I know, I know ... don't judge people. LOL. I was hungry and I was in a rush. Today's breakfast was courtesy the Flat Brown Box o' Pizza Hut.

This picture reminds me -- I was going to start a Friday Photo Dump ... but I didn't. I will start that now. I have this fun iPhone ap - Hipstamatic. I set up the camera and take away. I don't get to see the photos until all the pics (I think 15-20) are all taken. This will be perfect for my week's photo dump. I'll share with you all that I've done ... and I get a refresher. LOL

Here's to new and fresh starts (a month in).


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