Wednesday, February 1, 2012

29 Day Challenge!

I have decided to do another "30" day photo challenge. I say "30" because techiniqally it's going to be 29 ... because, you've guessed it - Febraury only has 29 days! So, I suppose I will do a "two-fer" on one of the days! LOL

I got this photo challenge from Pink Argle. I thought it was cute and on the 14th challenge (which also happens to be Valentine's Day) I get to take a picture of someone I love ... how about that?!

Here's the challenge:

And here's the first photo of the challenge!

 An iPhone photo will have to do for my self portrait ... LOL! I love these challenges, cause it makes me bring my camera and notice the "little things." So, I look forward to the many challenges that await me and the inspirations that will follow.

Are any of you going to take the challenge with me? Share your photos on my Facebook site, HERE. I look forward to seeing your wonderful photos as well!

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