Sunday, February 5, 2012

Game day!

It's a yucky, overcast kinda day. Besides one Valentine Mini Session couple that didn't cancel, the best thing I have to look forward to today is watching some SUPER BOWL!!! And watching the Patriots take back that horrible loss to the Giants years ago. LOL

I was feeling creative yesterday and came up with this design for a Super Bowl party we are going to:

What do y'all think? I got the chocolate, Guinness cupcakes from Brown Eyed Baker's blog. Like I said, they're made with Guinness, the inside filling has Irish Whiskey in it, AND the frosting? Irish Cream. Yeah. They're wonderful. They're "grown-up" desserts - Irish Car Bomb cupcakes!

The Giants are sporting your average Valentine Pillsbury cake mix with blue regular frosting. Yup, they're pretty much your AVERAGE cupcake - just like the team. :-) So the kiddies get to eat those cupcakes! 

Go Pats!

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