Monday, February 13, 2012

30 Photo Challenge: Day 13

Today's Challenge: Childhood Reminder

When I was younger ... up to my teens ... I was OBSESSED with Piglet. It was (and still is) something about his size and his demeanor that reminded me of myself. He was always scared and frightened of things because of his size, but he always managed to be the hero in stories. 

He gave Eeyore his house when Eeyore's fell apart. He always helps his best friend Pooh discover his potential. He always brings Tigger back down to earth and he always remembers to be himself. In Piglet's big movie, his strength was put to the test and his friends also realized Piglets strength when he goes missing. It amazes me that something so small can make a difference in so many lives. That moral is what I'll be passing on to my son, and any future children, because great things come in small packages.

And this is why I loved, still love, and will always love Piglet.  

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