Friday, February 17, 2012

30 Photo Challenge: Day 17

Today's challenge: Bokeh

Bokeh is the "blurry" part of a photo. Sometimes is can be just blur, or circles of light. But you can also manipulate the lights into shapes. I did a heart last time I did a bokeh challenge and wanted at star this time, but stars are hard to cut out. So I went with another heart.

I did this challenge not more than two months ago and do you think I could remember how to do it? A "quick" challenge turned into an hour ordeal with me finally accepting what I had and going with it. I'm not too happy with my result, but it will do for now. I will work on it some more when I have the chance. But for right now ... this is what I got.

It's my wedding unity candle with white lights behind it. I was going for a lovey dovey feel ... do you feel lovey dovey looking at it? :-)

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