Wednesday, February 8, 2012

29 Day Challenge: Day 7 & 8

Okay guys, I did it again. I know ... I promise to start getting better at taking the photo when the photo is due!

Yesterday's Challenge: Makeup Bag

This is my travel makeup bag. I didn't want to show you all how messy I am normally ... LOL! Because, ladies, you know what I'm talking about. Powder everywhere, eye shadow crumbs mushed into the sides, a grease spot where your lotion exploded, and God only knows what! So, this is my cleanest makeup bag and it happens to be my travel bag! (And yes, it was free when I bought a million dollars worth of Clinque.)

Today's Challenge: Fresh fruit

Well, I don't eat much fruit. Don't yell at me, I just don't like many fruits, again my son does. How does he like so many things I don't but then won't eat or do things I like? We are so different from each other. It's a constant struggle with us ... God help me when he's a teenager! 

But back to my photo challenge.

That's it for now! I swear ... tomorrow's challenge will be JUST tomorrows challenge! :-)

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