Tuesday, November 1, 2011

30 Day Challenge: Day 7

Today's challenge, was a challenge. That's why I'm posting at 10:30 at night! LOL. Today's photo challenge: Fruit

Now many of you are thinking, "Really? Fruit was a challenge?" Yes. Yes, fruit was a challenge. For someone who doesn't eat much fruit, doesn't have much fruit on hand. I was in a predicament. Then a coworker suggested Starbursts ... technically, they're made from fruit and my son did just go trick or treating ... but no. I decided to go another route.

Here's my photo:

What does this picture have to do with fruit? Well, see below. Yep, Juicy Fruit ... heavy on the fruit! My take on fruit, really isn't fruit — but today it is. 

You should have seen me ... taking a nice looking photo while blowing a bubble is hard work. Let me tell you, I took quite a few photos — bug eyed, looking to the left, blinded myself with the flash, and even got a photo of my tongue ... but atlas, I did it. Tell next time!

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