Sunday, November 20, 2011

30 Day Challenge: Day 25

So ... Today was a busy day and I really didn't take the time to take today's photo challenge picture. HOWEVER, I accidentally found one I took on my iPhone. I'll tell you the back story of this after I share the photo, 'cause you have to see the photo!

Todays challenge: Something Pink

Okay, first let me start off saying I do not condone alcohol consumption, or the massive overeating of Oreos. Second, I am also not endorsing these brands, I am simply showing you my photo challenge for today.

Now, for the back story. Today, my best friend and I took a day for ourselves and participated in the Pretty Things Academy. We wanted to "unleash our inner bombshell," and learned how to do pin-up style makeup and hair. It was so much fun! After gettting all glamed up, we participated in a photoshoot with Candygram Images in which we were coached on the many different poses of pin-ups and even learned our vowels again. A, E, I, O, and Us are apparently the best faces you can make in the pin-up world. I loved every minute of the shoot. Here are some photos of the day. We have before and after makeup and hair, our U face and us in front of the camera. My BF's faces are so much better then my crazy, cheesy ones!

After having a blast at the academy, we headed to Barnes and Nobles for some much needed coffee and gossip ... in our get-ups. Yes, yes we did. I had plans to do multiple things after the photos. I could have either raced up to Greenville to my husband and son to watch the final home game for ECU, go to a good friend's birthday party in Raleigh or go to a couples get-together for someone else's brithday. Well, we got done too late to do the ECU game, then the birthday party in Raleigh fell through because of timeline changes and not really wanting to drive that far, and the couple's thing is a no-go when your partner isn't with you. So basically, all my plans fell through. I was all glamed up with no where to go.

I was feeling pretty down and called my BF to see if she wanted to hang out and told her about my evening depression. She most generously told me she would love my company. (This is why I have certain people in my life; she's the best.) So, I stopped by a grocery store and grabbed girlie drinks and Oreos ... in my sweats and absolutely no makeup on and headed to her place where we watched a movie and gossiped, giggled, and had a blast. So hence, the pink in my photo is in the Oreos and the drinks. LOL. Hey, it works for me!

But by sharing my iPhone photo, it reminded me of a wonderful blog, Enjoying the Small Things ,and how the author shares her photos from her phone every Friday in what she lovingly calls, Friday Photo Dump. I want to do the same if y'all wouldn't mind. I take so many photos on my iPhone and they really never go anywhere except on my personal Facebook. So, I'm doing it (next Friday). Thank you Kelle!

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