Friday, November 11, 2011

30 day Challenge: Day 16 & 17

Yes, you read the title correctly ... I have made it half way through the challenge and failed to take or post day 16's challenge. Shame on me ... BUT I have taken day 17's challenge and even incorporated yesterday's challenge into it.

Yesterdays's challenge: Long exposure
Today's challenge: Technology

So by putting together both challenges, I managed to capture my son reading his Vreader, in his dark room. He was so darn cute, his little legs swinging above him. He loves books and loves "reading."Obviously, he doesn't know how to read correctly just yet, but he does make up some pretty darn good stories just by looking at the pictures.

We bought his Vreader for him just before Christmas last year. We said the heck with big expensive gifts that wouldn't mean anything in a few months and decided to make a memory instead. We basically said "Bahumbug!" We didn't decorate, we sent out holiday cards ... but not many and we packed our bags and went on a cruise to the Caribbean islands. It was the best decision ever! (Even though we did bring little gifts for him to open in Christmas Day on the boat.)

Well, to keep the kid occupied during the flight and the long wait to board the boat, we figured the Vreader would come in handy. And it did. He loves it and I LOVE it. You see, I don't enjoy reading ... never really did. It has many different stories to tell him, it's interactive, and even has spelling and reading lessons. This thing is awesome. So awesome, I don't mind reading along with it and may even get me reading again ... eh, we shall see. So anyways, I'm glad he got his love of reading from his Gramma who can put away a book in two days or less it seems. Well, enough chit-chat, here's the photo:


I thought he was just too stinking cute swinging his legs. LOL But, I am partial to this cutie anyway!

*This isn't an advertisement for Vreader, just simply a photo challenge.

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