Monday, November 7, 2011

30 Day Challenge: Day 12

Today's challenge: Sunset

I know, pretty lame huh? Daylight savings is killing me! Wasn't expecting for the sun to go down as quickly as it did. This was shot in the parking lot of the restaurant, Outback. My husband and I celebrated out 7 year anniversary and I had to take a quick snapshot of the sun setting before it was too late.

Hey, it's something and I haven't stopped my challenge. I am 12 days in and going strong!

Speaking of going strong. Like I mentioned above, my husband and I celebrated our 7 year anniversary today at the Outback. But did we take a picture of the two of us? Nope. Here's an iPhone photo of us at the ECU game on Saturday. Here's to many more years, babe!

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