Wednesday, November 9, 2011

30 day Challenge: Day 15

Today's challenge: Silhouette

I had plans on doing this elaborate silhouette with the sunset in the background, but I forgot about the time change — we are on standardized time now (something I just learned from a family member). Anyway, I was yet again scrambling to figure out what to do at my house dealing with a silhouette and with very little light. Enter, my cats.

Cats, they are a very majestic animal, aren't they? Cats can just look at you and either make you smile or cry. LOL, I'm serious. They'll give you all the love in the world, but make them mad ... and you will be earning their love back FOREVER.

Here's my photo of Papi - one of my three (soon to be four) animals that have been rescued from the shelter.

"Where were you the night of the 15?"

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