Tuesday, November 15, 2011

30 day Challenge: Day 20 & 21

Yep ... I did it again. I skipped a day. This is rough, taking a picture every day! :-)

Yesterday's Photo Challenge: From a distance

My son got in trouble the other day and had to go to time out. While watching him impatiently wait his time in the corner, I (from a distance) discovered how big he was getting ... according to how tall he is in his corner. That corner has been his place since he was old enough to go to time out ... looks like we will be finding another time out corner.

Next is today's challenge: Faceless self portrait

Nothing too exciting to say here ... just me goofing around.

Technically, you can see my face ... but which one? ;-)

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  1. Scary! I've seen all three at once! How did you do that?


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