Wednesday, September 30, 2015

May the Force be with You | Model | Fayetteville NC Photographer

So ... For this session. My battery was dead. Yeah. Like what?! How does that happen? Well, mommy brain happened. I rushed out for the model concept shoot with fellow photog friends and when we finally got moving and shooting ... my camera wouldn't turn on. To make things worse, I left the camera bag in the car five blocks down. So needless to say, I was just going to be the cheerleader for the shoot.

But Will (Darkroom Portraits) lemme borrow his Sony camera to shoot. LOL So yay! I got to shoot and I forced him to go back to his roots and shoot film only! ;)

Anyone else's family super stoked about December's opening for the new Star Wars movie? My son, who's eight mind you, wants to go opening day! WHAT the WHAT?! LOL I explained to him that Star Wars is a phenomenon that many adults are crazy about and to be mixed up in that crowd would be chaos and probably a little creepy. (I'm just thinking of all the 44 year old men who still live with mom and are dressed as Obi Won or Luke sleeping in tents till the doors open and have every single memorabilia with them just in the off chance that Harrison Ford stops by our sleepy little town's movie theater ...) <---- too much? LOL It made me giggle.

Either way, we are excited and will be hitting it up in theaters ... just not sure WHEN. LOL 

Check out Aoife HERE -- this was after she had her baby! Safe to say, momma got her groove back! 

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