Monday, September 7, 2015

Momma & her Boys | Family | Fayetteville, NC Photographer

Being a photographer is awesome. You know why? I'll tell ya. You get to meet so many wonderful and creative people that you can share your talents and passion with. This family is one of them. 

I can't exactly remember how I became great friends with this family, but I can tell you it more than likely happened by helping each other out. I believe I had asked her if she could be my back up for a birth session just in case ... I'm pretty sure we saw each other at homecomings multiple times ... and I know I helped her out on a First 48 session. She also got me hooked on baby wearing and TULAS! More importantly, we became friends because our boys love each other and we've watched each other's children multiple times so that we could do our job and take on multiple sessions.

So when she approached me to do a photography trade, I jumped at it. She photographed my husband's deployment and I was to photograph her reunion with her hubby. Well, things change. LOL She did photograph my homecoming, but her hubby came down on PCS orders and instead of returning to Fayetteville, he was returning to their new duty station. I was not going to be able to photograph those memories for her. BUT she asked if I could photograph her and her boys, since she never gets to be IN the memories she creates. And again, I was like YES!

How cute are they right?! Babywearing is super special to me now. I never thought twice about keeping my baby so close to me with my first son. But when I became a work at home momma, keeping my littlest close to me and still being able to work my photography business ... hello?! What better way? I wear my baby on many of my photo shoots and she does the same. It's also very comforting and empowering knowing I can be a momma and a business owner. Many people comment about my "side kick" or my "assistant for the day." One gentleman said that he was impressed that I could bring my baby with me on photo shoots and I was a great role model to all the mothers trying to start up a business. I felt super proud knowing that this was an accepted thing, bringing your child with you on work sessions.

Another empowering part of this session? The fact that she wanted to nurse her little. Breastfeeding sessions have become a phenomenon as of late. American society is starting to realize that this is a natural thing and baring your breast to feed your child shouldn't be hidden or kept to private areas. Sex sells and women show cleavage to sell anything from a hamburger to a car. Why does the American society look down on breastfeeding your child in public?! It's natural and intended for nurturing your little. So what's the problem?

Nursing both my boys was probably the best thing I could do for them. For my first, I could only last about 6 months as I had to go back to being a Soldier full time and wasn't able to pump as much as I would like to. Being a stay at home mom with my second, I was able to make it longer ... about 10 months until my littlest cut ME off! LOL He was done nursing and her wanted food he could hold! LOL But whether a momma nurses for a day, for a month, a year, of a few years, I'm super proud of each one. I'm also super proud of those mommas who bottle feed their children with formula. Face it, it's your child, you can decide what is best for them and for you! :) after all, you're a momma, the toughest job out there!

This location was just gorgeous. Yes, I had to edit out some trash from the river ... lol ... but I mean, logs, water, perfect light, greenery ... and a gorgeous momma and baby. Hello?!

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  1. Love you AND your kind words! Thank you so much for these beautiful pictures! I will cherish them forever! Miss you guys! ♡♡

  2. We miss y'all as well! And thank YOU for YOUR kind words!


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