Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Empty Nest Session | Senior | Dunn, NC Photographer

This family. I mean, THIS family. They are the greatest! I've worked with the daughter for engagement photographs and will be doing her wedding, but when her momma called asking about senior portraits of her brother ... then for her daughter ... then together ... then with brother's girlfriend, I was a tad overwhelmed. But then she said, "On our farm?" 

I wish I could show you a video of my giddy "yes dance." But alas, I cannot. What I can tell you though is I was absolutely ALL OVER this session! Not only did he graduate high school and was leaving for college, she graduated her nursing degree and is in the process of moving out to start a new life with her fiancé (as of right now) all around the same time. So, momma wanted to get the pictures of them done before she was left with a quiet house ... something she isn't accustom to. After all she had children running around for 23/24 (?) years or so???

I drove the hour out of town to their farm where they have crops as well as turkeys! When I got there, they welcomed me right into the family and brother and I jumped into the gator to explore around the farm while momma and sister finished getting outfits and such ready. There were silos, turkey coops, a pond, open grassy fields ... I was in heaven. They asked me where I'd like to shoot. I said, "EVERY WHERE!"

Even the dog's joined in on some pictures and of course we had to get his truck into the picture! But there were some pictures that I HAD to get according to momma. Since they are farmers, she wanted to get some pictures with his old, childhood toy tractors she had kept.

Then we moved on to his REAL tractors! ;) How awesome right?!

 After a few shots with pop on the tractors as well, we headed down to the turkey coop. So... I'm not a turkey farmer, nor do I know anything about raising turkeys. But I did learn that if you get to close, they all try to say hi to you and then they end up stampeding each other! What?! lol I had no clue. And the turkey was going to be our state bird?! Well, either way, we kept our distance and got the coops in the background. The below picture is definitely my favorite.

And of course we added his girlfriend in a few shots as she was a big help with wardrobe choices and moral support! They were just too cute! 

Another must I needed to get for momma was a pic of brother and sister holding hands walking away with their cap and gown - symbolizing the new chapter in life they were embarking in. And why not?! How cute are they??? I love when siblings are close and you can see the love they have for each other!

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Here's a fun pic just to show why customized photography is the best! I don't just "shoot and burn" as some photographers say. I don't just photograph you, put pics on CD and give to you. What you pay for is Me and my Talent in camera and off. I make sure we get what you want outta your session. And then I spend time in photoshop making your image even better - like getting rid of those pesky fly-a-ways. ;) 

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