Thursday, September 17, 2015

Momma's Lesson of Love | Family | Fayetteville, NC Photographer

Lemme tell ya, the second I saw a recent model's son and those locks of curls ... I HAD to get a session of them together. Not only is he simply adorable but this momma is a rock star!

Being a momma of a boy isn't easy. Lemme tell ya, I'm talking from experience. My two boys have me running around like a maniac. "Don't touch that!" "Don't hit your brother." "No, you may not put your brother in a head lock." "I don't care how long you THINK it's been in the car, you're not eating it!" "Get your finger outta your nose!" "No you may not tie your brother up in your lasso." "Don't climb the bookshelf!" "Yes, you have to wash your hands after using the bathroom. I don't care if you didn't touch it. You will still wash your hands."

I'm telling ya, you will say some pretty amazing things. I don't think I have ever asked my mother or attempted to do during my childhood some of the things I've had to stop my boys from doing. Boys.

As a mom of a boy, you are responsible of not only raising him up to be a proper, intelligent, clean, well spoken, clever, and honest gentleman that any woman would want to marry ... you are also responsible to learn every superheroes' name and background. Know the Star War trilogies like the back of your hand. Know the ins and outs of every "manly" sport out there. Know how to properly throw a football, baseball or boomerang ... yes, you read that right. You also have to teach them how to respect women, know bathroom humor - but teach them when it's okay to joke about it. When you're a single mother or, like us, has a daddy that deploys often, you also have to teach them how to change the tire, change the oil, and wax the car. You also have to know when to let the boys gets dirty and run naked through the sprinklers. You need to remember that mother's of just girls will never understand the energy that boys always have and the anger that they release when you turn off the Xbox.

But did you know that the bond between mother and son is something that can't be replicated? The love and laughter that is shared between mother and son is precious and cherished. Even when he yells that you're mean because he can't have dessert due to not eating all his dinner, when he's older he will appreciate the drive and passion you have for him to succeed and work for satisfaction in the the reward.

Yes. The love between mother and son isn't always perfect but it's perfection. No matter how many ups and downs you have as a mother, your son will always have a special place for you in his heart. I know I'm not the perfect mother, and yet I so try to be. I know that every "disappointment" that is given, there is a like "satisfaction" just around the corner.

Why is it that mothers tend to judge one another on how they raise their boys (and girls...but this blog is about boys)? "Why does she let him run a-mock all the time?" "Why doesn't she give him more freedom? She's so tough on him." "Why is he so loud?" "Why won't he just sit still?" "Why is he still wetting his pants?" "Why can't he stay up later?" Blah blah blah. Well, I have a question for you mothers of boys, why can't we support each other and give a shoulder to cry on when days go rough? Not every day as a mother of a son is going to go well ... and face it, pretty much every day with a boy will not be picture perfect. But isn't that life? Life is challenging and I believe boys are given to the strongest of strongest women. ;)

Yes. Mothers of daughters are fantastic too. I know many moms of daughters that go through the same issues I go through with my boys, but I'm not talking about girls. I'm talking about boys. We all know that society labels girls and boys from the beginning and though I don't want to fall into the "gendering" of society ... face it. There are differences in raising boys and girls. It's not all about pink and blues and dolls and trucks. Each child is different and yes, that would also include what gendered child you are raising.

Before I had my son, I thought superheroes were ridiculous. I mean.... who wants a leotard wearing man jumping through your window to "save" you from an octopus looking machine scientist?? I mean ... come on! But because my son is sorta the Rain Man when it comes to superheroes ... I've adapted ... and shhhhhh .... don't tell anyone. I thoroughly get excited when a new Marvel movie comes out.

Mommas. Be strong. You are strong enough. You do have enough energy (even if it comes in a fruity can or a Venti sized beverage). You can raise a funny, strong, CLEAN man who will follow his dreams .... even if it takes a few years after college or military or .... traveling around the world living from hostel to hostel. Your love for them will allow them to be whatever they want to be. The strength you have to be firm and patient at the same time will allow them to succeed in life. The tickles and fart jokes will allow them to live life to the fullest with a smile on his face. The ability to forgive and admit when mommy lost her cool will give him the patience to work for what he desires, even through failure. The hugs and kisses you give him (that he wipes off as he walks away) will allow him to love someone in his life and pass on that love to his own children.

You are his role model. You will always hold a special part in his heart. He will always look to you for support and love when needed. He will also be there to hug you and tell you that the bowl full of spaghetti that fell from your hands and is now all over the kitchen will still make for a good dinner since you just mopped the floor today .... lol.

Enjoy your little boys, because soon they will be grown men. Soon they will be too cool to hang with mom. Soon another woman will have a piece of their heart. Soon they will have a family of their own. Soon, they'll be taking care of you. And soon, they'll visit you at your gave site. They will remember the good times. Laugh at the mistakes. And remember the courage you had to raise them.

Let them be boys momma. You are doing a great job. Support other mommas. Laugh with your whole belly.  Love unconditionally. Mothers of boys are a special breed and for that, FIST PUMP!

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