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Little Man's Birthday Party | Personal | Fayetteville, NC Photographer

As I prepare for my littlest's SECOND birthday, I am remembering all that we did for him on his first birthday party and realizing I never BLOGGED it! GASP! Haha! (where does the time go?! I mean I was JUST giving BIRTH to him ...LOL)

My baby's theme was "Little Man's Mustache Bash!" And boy did we have fun with the theme! And get this? I didn't spend more than $350 on this shindig! You wanna know how? Thrifting, bargaining, borrowing and reusing! Man! I was so proud of myself AND we even rented a place out for the kiddies. So no mess at my place! (that's the best part!)

First things first, I want to give a HUGE shoutout to another local small business in the Fayetteville area, Steve's Sweet Treats. We rented out his cafe/bakery for all the fun! We decided on a cookie decorating party and they did all the work. They baked the cookies, laid out all the sprinkles and frosting and let us to it! 

For decor, it was fairly simple finding mustache things since that appears to be the "thing" in 2014. LOL BUT I also did my own thing. For the water bottles, I used mustache duct tape! ;) SUPER easy and SUPER cheap! For napkins, I had a ton of orange napkins left over from another party (?) ... I accumulate things. LOL So I bunched up the napkins to white, plastic forks that I had laying around to look like a bow tie and wrapped them with mustache ribbon. The favors were simple, mustache clear bag with gold fish and pretzels and a few M&Ms inside tied with teal ribbon. I also made thank you cards from my computer and printed on photo paper which then I attached black heart lollie pops I got at Walmart in the wedding clearance isle for $5 (for 50 of them!). No, they weren't expired! ;) I couldn't believe the deal! (I guess no one wants BLACK lollies at their WEDDING!) And of course ... I did get a little inspiration over at my Pinterest Board ... You should check it out!)

Again, using felt I had laying around, I made bow ties that the kids could wear to "class it up" a tad! I had orange cups from that one party? LOL And I found an awesome mustache banner that I glued teal flags that I found at Joann's on the clearance rack for $3. I also had old Polaroid film laying around that I had each guest take a pic of them with their silly mustache favors. We hung them up with my littlest's one year old pics I took. (Oh, I also borrowed some old cameras from a photog friend and wrapped plain boxes in left over gift wrap to add to the table. Since my colors were teal and orange, I also added a few cute little pumpkins...after all, it IS October! OH! And I borrowed an antique high chair from another photog friend as well so that the littlest looked fantastic when he bit into his cake!) <---- so you get it? I borrowed and bargained a lot! ;)

 The kids totally enjoyed the cookie decorating .... SUGAR every where! Can you see the chaos?!

By now you're looking at these pics and saying, "aw, what a fun time and great memories captured. But what is up with Shari's photo skills?!" Haha. These aren't horrible pics, but they aren't mine. I wanted to enjoy myself at the party and not get stuck behind the camera, so I left it on the table and let people take pics as they pleased. I think this was an awesome way to see different perspectives. But I think this year, I'll hire one of my pros to take pics! ;)

I also saved money by making my own cake. I used pumpkin flavored cake and fondant to make the boo-boo's first cake. Then I made a mixture of vanilla and pumpkin cupcakes for the kiddies. I printed off cake toppers that I designed and taped to toothpicks.

My littlest was a little unsure about the cake at first. I mean, fondant doesn't taste the best ... lol

He inspected it and then ....

"Oh wow mom! this is delicious! You want some?!"

My littlest doesn't have many friends his age, but all the big boys showed their love during the party AND helped him open his presents! <3 Now that's love! ;)

Till next year ... when I blog THIS year's party ... LOL I kid. I kid .... but am I> ;)

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