Monday, December 1, 2014

Urban Momma | Maternity | Fayetteville, NC Photographer

The group and I got together for a lil' maternity shoot with one of our favorite models, Aoife. Isn't she cute?! After a quick wardrobe selection and makeup touch ups we were on our way. Aoife always brings her game face when we shoot. She has such a unique look and fits pretty much any of our concepts. LOL You should see her here! And be sure to check out her modeling FB page from the link in the first sentence! I've only shot her twice but my photog friends have shot her multiple times!

While shooting near a cool brick wall, a real estate agent was showing a local business owner a location near us and asked if we wanted to use this adorable little atrium that was locked up. We f course said yes, and the agent opened it for us to shoot in real quick. SOOO cool!

We then headed down to Linear Park and behind the Library to get some fun fall foliage! I also challenged myself on this session and only used my Russian made Helio 35mm lens. That's why I have such AWESOME bokeh! I dig these pictures so much!

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