Thursday, December 18, 2014

Her Favorite Patriot | Military Homecoming | Fort Bragg, N.C. Photographer

She contacted me MONTHS ago ... not because she's super organized, but because he was supposed to come home months ago! He kept getting pushed back and she was just ready for him to be home. She had their favorite (and oh by the way my favorite) NFL team's jerseys made with their last name on it and made an uber cute sign. She was so ready for him to be home!

Luckily, she had many awesome friends to keep her busy during the wait ... I mean, she only showed up ... I think 3 hours early? ;) But when she saw that plane land and the crowd start cheering ... her emotions got the best of her. And that is just fine, I mean, the love of her life was FINALLY home!

As the soldiers marched into the hangar everyone was on their tip toes trying to find their hero. Even one Grandpa helped out a baby meeting his/her daddy for the first time to get a better look!

As the sun started to set, all eyes were on the formation as they walked in for their final ceremony before being reunited with their loved ones.

The below collage is like the epitome of emotions that a spouse goes through while he or she is waiting for their hero. She was so stinking cute. She was giddy with excitement as she watched the soldiers in formation, she scanned the formation and was worried because she couldn't find him in the see of red berets. Everyone around her began moving once the soldiers were released and one by one were reunited with their loved ones. She scanned and scanned ... couldn't find him. She waited as time ticked by ... was that him? No. That? no ... is that him?! it is! it is! She began jumping up and down and ran to him. The smile on his face was AWESOME. They embraced and hugged and kissed and hugged and wiped tears and then ... the relief rushed over her. He was home. He was here with her. He was in her arms. She giggled at herself. But he was really home. 

 I mean seriously?? How stinking cute are they?! I can't say it enough. I. Love. Homecomings!

Want to learn more about military homecomings and how to book one? Click HERE.

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