Saturday, December 13, 2014

Pin up Mommy & Me | Family | Fayetteville, N.C. Photographer

 This blog is LONG overdue! This was part of my Mommy & Me Mother's Day mini special back in May. I didn't want to blog the pictures because I was waiting for the family to choose their favorites  and actually receive their prints before I shared with the world! And now that I can share ... um HOW FREAKING ADORABLE IS THIS SESSION!?!

And get this ... it was all Lil' Miss's idea!! She wanted to do a pinup style with her momma! She wanted to get dolled up. Hair done, makeup, picked out the outfits for her and momma and do a vintage styled session. I was ALL for it! Makeup and hair was done by the lovely Angie Llamas from Dolled up Make & Hair.

 The only thing I can take credit for these images is the blanket, picnic basket and cokes! haha! I even let her call the shots for the posing!

This little girl is so full of creativity and life that she seriously makes anyone who's around her smile and just feel extremely happy. She's confident, sure of herself, knows what she wants and will most definitely move mountains in her lifetime. She definitely inherited her momma's strong-will and appreciation of life. Seriously ... this blog has been killing me not to share! I'm so glad I am able to now!! Thank you girls for choosing me as your photographer!

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  1. Beautiful, fun, and just plain cool!! Liz your baby is absolutely beautiful and precious!


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