Sunday, December 7, 2014

He's Finally Home! | Military Homecoming | Fort Bragg, NC Photographer

You guys read all the time from me that every homecoming is different.  Yes, they all pretty much have the same template, but each tend to warp and shape into their own. Just as my clients are all different and have different stories, but all share one commonality -- the reunion of their loved one!

This little girl was just the sweetest thing ever! When Daddy deployed she was just a little bitty baby. I could tell he was proud to be the daddy of a little girl just by the story her momma told me. Before leaving, he had bought his baby girl sparkly, pink, Toms that were WAY to big, but couldn't resist the chance to buy the incredibly girlie shoes for her. <3 sigh. So sweet right? WELL, fast forward months of deployment ... Momma wanted to make sure baby girl was wearing those shoes for daddy's return. Still a tad to big, baby girl sported them around, kicking them in the air, throwing them watching them sparkle in the sun ... walking around with only one on ... You get the picture. LOL I love it. And such a sweet story!

And then there's usually the "first time ever" stories of my homecomings ... there's usually a first ever in 3 outta 5 homecomings I do! This family's homecoming first time ever was the plane. No, not that it was an actual civilian plane ... I've seen United fly into Pope Air Field multiple times ... but well, it was the way they kinda did a fly by for the crowd. Now, I don't know if they miss read the flight line and just missed it, or if they were actually doing a fly by. But they got low to the flight line, and then lifted, zooming right over our heads!

Everyone was cheering as it lowered, but then it was dead silent on the flight line after it zoomed above us. Many commented on if it was a joke ... maybe it wasn't the right plane ... maybe it mistook Pope for the Regional Airport ... But then it circled back around and finally landed. The crowd went nuts!

And boy! Did the plan get close to us! The military planes usually don't come as close OR fly an American flag out the cockpit escape hatch!! I mean, How cool is that?! I gotta give it to United, they sure did put on a good show for the awaiting families!

Baby girl and momma hurried in side the hangar to get a good location inside and I hung back to grab a picture of the formation marching in. I LOVE that local motorcycle clubs come to pretty much every homecoming to line the walk way with flags. It really does give you a since of American pride watching these tireless, selfless Soldiers marching in off the flight line through 12-14 American Flags held by motorcyclist who are mostly Veterans themselves. It's awesome!

 Once inside, baby girl was getting anxious! She played on momma's iPad and got first class viewing of daddy marching in!

After the excitement of the the formation, the National Anthem and the commander's remarks ... the Soldiers were released to family. So we waited amongst the chaotic crowd. And waited some more. A family friend offered to search around for him ... just as the friend stepped away from us, daddy snuck up behind momma and wrapped her in his arms.

See was so excited and emotional ... Best. Feeling. Ever!

Baby girl was just as excited to see daddy and just wanted to touch him in real life. She had only seen him on Skype before! She was curious as to why he was so much bigger! Real life is soooo much better!

And Daddy's kisses are pretty amazing!

Thank you for letting me be there for your special moments, you guys! Enjoy your family time together!
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