Thursday, January 16, 2014

Letter Art | Pinterest Thursday | iPhoneography

A couple months ago … Before I found I was pregnant, I finally mounted my family pictures in a Pinterest Thursday special you can find HERE.  Well, low and behold, I got pregnant and my "up-to-date" portraits were now out of date. So I ordered a newborn pic of my littlest and added him to the family wall. My gallery was complete… or was it? I STILL hadn't done anything with my ugly "W." It was the same ugly brown papery thing that it was when I bought it years (I'm sure it was that long ago) ago. I got passed step one, hanging the darn thing. But it still had it's craft sticker on it. People would ask about it every time they'd visit. Then cam step two, take off the sticker, pictured here. Two months later, I finally did something about the ugliness.

See, the hard part was figuring out what I wanted to do with it. Every time I came across an idea on Pinterest, my vision changed. When I bought the thing THIS is what I had in mind. Then I saw THIS. Then THIS. Then, of course THIS.  Eventually, I just stopped pinning ideas. Then, a few days ago I got fed up with the ugliness. I remembered seeing a pin with yarn, thread, SOMETHING wrapped around the letter and I thought to myself, "I'm doing that."  So, I did.

My littlest sat in his Bumbo, and I worked for about 30 mins… I got interrupted by a very bored littlest. ;-) Bsaically, I found left over string in my craft closet, grabbed my glue gun and scissors, and had at it. I wrapped a while, place a small line of glue then wrap some more. This is yet another craft that didn't cost me anything extra. I mean shoot, I have aTON of supplies hiding around the house. I just have to find them!

A "W" is tricky, and if you look REAL close, you'll see some screw ups. But all in all the wrapped piece was pretty easy and came out great. Once it was wrapped, I felt it looked blah, so I added the flowers. I clipped a few from a bouquet I have in the family room and glued them on.

And, viola! My gallery is complete! And if I do say so myself, it's looking pretty good! Now I have to update the family portrait to show all four of us!

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