Thursday, January 9, 2014

Right of Passage | Personal | Fayetteville, N.C. Photographer

My eldest turned 7 years-old today. Where does the time go?! It feels that just yesterday I was holding him in the hospital in utter disbelief that someone will forever depend on me and whom I'll love no matter what.

For Christmas, he got a pretend shaving kit and we had said that Daddy and he would shave together… so what better time to shave than a day like today? You can kinda call it a "right of passage."

I love moments like this. When Father is teaching son the lessons of growing up. We don't have many moments like this as life tends to get in the way. Also, my son has the attention span of a fly … but when we do get moments like this, I have to capture every second.

It truly shows where my photography is gravitating to … real life moments. I cherish these moments, wouldn't clients cherish these moments too? Lifestyle images are about the now. Yes, technical aspects play in receiving quality images, but it's more about the moment. The silly faces, the love that is shared, and the importance of quality time.

Come on moms … I mean, how can you NOT fall in love with your partner all over again when watching him bond with your child(ren)? Moments like this when he teaches your boy to "shave." Or when he's having a tea party with your daughter. Don't you want to forever capture the joy in your child's eyes? I know these pictures are some of my favorite moments captured.

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Life. Captured. With the help of Old Navy's "dollar" bins at check out. :-)

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