Sunday, January 12, 2014

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This lil' bugger. He's got my heart wrapped around his little finger. Three months old and already making my heart melt. <3 I love his lil' smiles and his giggles.

Yes, I'm showing off my littlest, but I also wanted to show you were my photography is heading. I want to focus more on capturing the memories of every day life. This was in between me rushing to get dressed for my eldest's birthday dinner and dressing the baby. Is it perfect? No, I missed focus. But look at that giggle I got. Pure joy on his face and it brings happy tears to my eyes. It's about capturing that moment and keeping it forever.

Looks like someone got his first freckle! Do you see it? On his right nostril. <3 I hope he keeps his blue eyes. My eldest has brown (like his daddy). I want this lil' one to have my eyes.

The most simplest backdrop. My bed. I always gawked at the beautiful bedrooms some of my favorite lifestyle photographers got to shoot in. I always shook my head and said, "My room would never look like that." "My bed isn't that pretty." "There's no way." But look what a 50mm lens, proper white balance and great exposure can do. My brown comforter looks awesome … I won't tell you how it REALLY looks. ;-)

Him and his fingers. I just heart him.

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