Thursday, May 9, 2013

"Framing" Cheap | Pinterest Thursday | iPhoneography

Phew! I haven't done a Pinterest Thursday and like ... EVER! But I'm feeling pretty proud of my latest craft project AND it's photography related!

I had my family's photos taken by a local photographer a while ago and I had this huge idea of making a gallery type layout with them. So, I sat on the phone with her for hours trying to figure out the sizes and making sure they'd blend okay and blah blah blah. We came to a decision, I ordered them, she delivered them, and they sat on my coffee table for probably about 6 months. I priced around for framing but because of the unusual sizes, it was going to cost me $300+ to just get them framed with the simplest of simple frames. Now, being a custom photographer, I understand why custom anything is priced the way it is. But I just didn't wanna settle for the cheapest look just because I didn't wanna spend more money to get them matted and with a pretty frame.  Then I found this:

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Yet, my photos still sat on my coffee table.

Last weekend I decided to get off my rump and do something about it. I headed to Lowes and got a sheet of plywood. Did you know that Lowes will cut anything you ask them to?! I didn't (I'm using that as the excuse as to why I didn't do this simple project earlier, didn't have the tools)! Anyway, the kind gentleman meticulously cut my plywood into the sizes I needed, I grabbed some black spray paint (as suggested by my son), some mod-podge and picture hangers and I was on my way.

First, I sanded (with the help of my son) the edges of the plywood to make it smoother. I also sanded the tops so that the glue would seep in to make it stick to the pictures better. Then I spray painted the edges and a lil' bit of the tops (just in case the sizes weren't exact). I let dry over night.

Taken with my iPhone!
The next day, I began gluing the pictures onto the wood. I started with mod-podge and spread it around. I laid the pictures on top and ensured they were straight and evenly on the wood. I used some wood glue I had laying around to glue down the corners that seemed a lil' loose. I ensured all glue bubbles were out from underneath the picture and then I let them dry overnight.

The following day, I hammered (carefully) in the hangers on the back. I had to be careful as the nails were longer than the depth of the plywood. Make sure y'all check that when you do your pictures! ;-)

And then, I hung them! And I couldn't be happier! They look good, they look professional, they are my pictures on the wall. MUCH better than in the wrapping on my coffee table! I cannot stress the importance of printing your images and displaying them! They always look better on the wall or on a desk or TV stand then on a CD in a drawer or wrapped up hidden somewhere in a closet. Do it! Whether it's framing or mounting like I did, just make sure you display them!

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