Monday, March 16, 2015

Celtic Beauty | Concept | Fayetteville, NC Photographer

If you guys follow me on Facebook ... which you should .. I'm pretty awesome. ;) Anyway, if you do, you will have noticed I bombarded y'all with pictures from this young lady's celtic session. OMG. I mean, how could I not? She's gorgeous, she's talented, and the concept just fit her so well!

 You guys know how much I love the month of March and Irish stuff, and my favorite holiday is St. Paddy's Day and clovers, and well ... you guys get it. Any way, I really wanted to do another Irish theme for March but didn't wanna copy my Celtic Goddess from last year. (I did however, use the crowns I made from that shoot, adding the fun clover one) So when I saw Katilynn from another photographer, I HAD to photograph her too!

She's really got raw talent. I honestly didn't have to direct her much ... and I don't believe she had to try very hard to get the look I wanted! I mean, seriously. She'd just stand in a spot and I'd be like, "oh! that stay right there!" 

So Fayetteville isn't too green yet ... well, it's getting there, but out late snow and ice storm just kinda slowed down Spring's sneak peaks. But, my location provided great light and I found green. We just chased the light and the green spots! 

Below, I got a real smile from her when I told her to look at her momma ... she gave her momma a regular look and I giggled, "Come on you love your momma!" And there it was, a cute grin. 

And then THIS happened. I mean COME ON?! Katilynn, you're stunning! I look forward to seeing where you go in your career and definitely want to work with you again! You're awesome! ;)

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