Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Lensbaby Carnations | Concept | Fayetteville, NC Photographer

 I asked a friend of mine who has fabulous curly hair to model for me a concept I had playing around in my head. "Floating carnations" LOL yeah sounds odd I know but look how gorgeous these images came out?!

Considering the frost in the air, she made it believable that Spring is coming soon ... well... It snowed a few days later ... LOL but these images sure looking springy enough for me!

I also tried out my new Lensbaby Composer that I bought at Imaging USA (I also used my 50mm for some of the shots too). Lensbaby lenses are a tad tricky to get in focus as well as getting the desired blurred bokeh. I need to shoot with it more but I'm pretty much digging what I got outta this shoot!

I mean ... come on?! Look at that sun flare! I had to have the 50mm on the camera for all that glare. I couldn't get in focus using the Composer, lol!

Just simply gorgeous! Thank you for modeling for me and putting up with the cold! You're a sweetheart and I absolutely love this below image of you! Shows the really you! <3

And this is the behind the scenes shot! haha! The carnations were tied to a metal flag pole and we hung up the pole on top of the model. I just sewed fishing wire through the carnation buds and viola!

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