Sunday, February 1, 2015

Library Historian | Concept | Lillington, N.C. Photographer

Oh Morgan. The point of this part 2 of the history of a school was to make you look creepy ... LOL. Because of your sweet demeanor, you just can't look creepy! haha! But you did rock this location! (before we were kicked out!) ;)

The above pictures show you how dangerous the school really could be for someone not paying attention. That whole corner of the library was caving in and deteriorating. LOL this was right before we got kicked out of the place. Mind you, there are no "no trespassing" sign out on the property, but it is owned by a local association who was kind enough to give us 20 more minutes to shoot inside and then allowed us to shoot for another hour outside.

 See? even in a matte black and white, I couldn't get Morgan to look creepy. However, she does look amazing. Those eyes though! Love them!

These couple of shots I was going for a dark, older feel. You know back in the day the people in the pictures are just standing in front of the camera expressionless? Giving "the eye" to the camera. Morgan gave me the eye all right. haha! I think she was getting irritated 'cause I'd be like ... "meh ... somethings missing... uh try this...try that ... haha!" It's all in good fun Morgan! You rock!

 And of course, out of the dark and dreary, I HAD to get a few shots of her in the sun with my back lighting! Just perfect! Thank you for being such a trooper Morgan!

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