Friday, January 30, 2015

School of History | Concept | Lillington, N.C. Photographer

We discovered this amazing abandoned school via another photographer. It is like a playground for photographers ... a dangerous one ... because of the hopeless decay of the place. But oh! So many awesome places to photograph and amazing lighting!

 Meagan was a great model for this black and white series I wanted to shoot. Kind of a historic, ghostlike feel to it. And that cat. That cat is Meagan best friend haha! And she's like the cat whisperer!

It was a chilly morning ... as it has been for the past few weeks. But Meagan was a trooper! I love photographing her. Being a photographer herself, she also knows what looks good in a photograph. So she is able to help our concepts come to life!

And this is only PART 1 of this location series! ;)

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