Monday, March 30, 2015

Nail-biting Homecoming | Military Homecoming | Fort Bragg, NC Photographer

Every homecoming I photograph is different. Yes, there's some parts that are the same ... the anticipation, the wait for them to land, the wait for them to get off the plane, the happy reunion, th jumps for joy ... ect. But every homecoming has it's own story.

She was a tad nervous, this was their first homecoming. She wasn't sure how it was going to go and wasn't sure how she'd react. She was antsy but excited. But she knew one thing, she was just ready for him to be home.

When the plane landed, the unit opened the doors and the soldiers walked in. Families were reunited one by one. Hugging and kissing and chattering with excitement. She waited by the side, silently scanning all the soldiers walking in. They trickled in in small groups. But not her soldier. She had a worried look on her face and I snapped the above picture, she joked, "Oh here we are! Just waiting for our soldier!" I got scared ... I never get scared. What if the unit got the dates wrong, what if she was here for nothing, what if ....

Finally, two lone shadows walked from the distant plane ... And when they entered the lights she saw ... it was him. Finally he was home!

Hugs and kisses and lil' man was so excited to tell his daddy he saw the plane and everything!

Little miss was a tad nervous, she cried at first ... but don't worry folks, she warmed up nicely (which you'll see towards the bottom of this blog entry.

Pure relief in this picture ... minus the tad nervousness of little miss ... lol

Here's where daddy wrapped his arms around her and comforted her and she knew it was him.

Little man was super excited about daddy and kept tickling him. Daddy tickled back.

He was home! He was finally home!  <3

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