Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Urban Senior | Senior | Sanford, NC Photographer

This young man put up with our shenanigans in Sanford. He rolled with the punches and probably thought we were crazy.

 But his images came out fantastic and really couldn't ask for more. I really don't have much to say about this session. You just need to check out the images! They speak for themselves!

I always wonder what people are thinking when I pose them a certain way and then say, laugh to yourself ... lol. I mean, I get genuine smiles because they're probably like, "What is this lady's problem? I can't just laugh at myself ... why would I do that?!" And then they laugh because they're having this monologue in their head. Done. Perfection.

I wanted to try out a few different poses. You know, I find it difficult to pose a man. One, I'm a chick, all my poses are girlie and two, boys/men don't really like getting their picture taken, so they don't. Which makes it hard for us photogs to be like ... uh, do this do that... ;)

But we figured it out! I love the Timbow pose and the below Forges magazine pose. He did great.

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