Thursday, March 26, 2015

Glitter All Around! | Concept | Fayetteville, NC Photographer

So the criteria for a model on this shoot was simple. Blonde, blue eyes, and must LOVE glitter! Brittany, an awesome makeup artist AND beautiful model, was tagged and volunteered to be our muse! And So happy she did!!

I've said it before, but I'll reiterate. Creative people NEED to find other creative people and just bounce ideas, techniques and laughs amongst each other! I know in this world (the photography world I'm referring to) there's a lot of drama. I mean, why wouldn't there be? We are all artists and are emotionally attached to our ideas and work. Tempers flare, jealousy sinks in, and people can be just down right mean. BUT if you surround yourselves around like minded people who will critique your work constructively, help you make something come to life, and support your crazy and wacky ideas ... Man! You are lucky and I'm one of the lucky ones!

My "group" of creative minds, you know them as I've mentioned them before, William Harris, Tysha Hallman, and Terra Martinez  are a great bunch. I show them an idea and they're like "Let's do it." And The same goes for when they show me an idea. We may be sorta comprehensive at first, but we all get together and make it work!

As you can see, the first couple of images look different from my normal style. That's because Will took the time to show us some fun lighting techniques and Brittany was super patient as we passed around the remote for the lights on each of our cameras! See?! THIS is why you need to find a group of like-minded people! Help your creativity grow! (This advice isn't for just photographers, it's for makeup artist, models, crafters, runners, ANYTHING! just do it! you'll see that your craft will not only grow but so will your creativity and personally you'll just feel good!)

These next few photos are natural light as we had GREAT light. haha! Even though it was like 40 degrees and poor Brittany is out there in a tube top wrapped in tule! She also has told me that she's STILL trying to get the glitter off her! hahaha! Thank you Brittany!

Make sure you check out Brittany's makeup and hair Facebook site, HERE!

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