Saturday, October 17, 2015

Pumpkin Head Love | Concept | Fayetteville, NC Photographer

To say I didn't have an absolute blast on this concept shoot would be a horrendous lie. LOL! I couldn't have pictured this session going any better! I had the idea, the models in mind, and they brought their A-GAME!

I knew I wanted a male and female model for this old timey feel ... people who would get into character and give that oddly creepy feel to this concept. Gage immediately popped into my head because A) look at him ... B) he always has the best costume/outfits and C) do I need to explain anymore?! 

Joy ... again ... she's so much fun to shoot with and she doesn't have to do much to make the shot happen. Again, her momma always goes beyond what I expect for costuming/outfit ideas. Plus, both of my models were troopers, especially when I said, "You'll be wearing pumpkin heads..."

Everything was going awesome. Just like a normal shoot. We were getting the shots and loving them, but then we put the pumpkin heads on Gage and Joy. All hell broke loose. We COULD NOT, for the life of us, stop laughing! Gage is such a character and Joy is so quiet. These two fit their characters perfectly. The Dapper, Debonair Gentleman and the Quiet, Fair Lady.

I could show you five billion images from this session. They're all so fabulous. But I'll end with this one. I little pumpkin humor! ;) First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes ....

Costuming: Gage, Joy, and Marsha
Hair and makeup for Joy: Marsha & Joy
Hair for Gage: Gage
Concept: Sharilyn Wells of Sharilyn Wells Photography, LLC
Pumpkin/Bouquets: Sharilyn Wells
 ** Please remember that all images are copyrighted to Sharilyn Wells Photography, LLC. Please do not copy or alter any images without SWP, LLC consent. *** 

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